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Hello Freinds in this article, I will tell you some “Sales Tips”. All you know that the main purpose of every business is to earn profit and is possible only when sales are high. The sale departments play an important role in the success of the business. Profit is the blood of any business to smooth and continuous running of the business and it’s possible only when sales are high. No matter which type of business you are doing small or large sales play a vital role in any organization. So in this article, I will tell you some Sales Tips

                  First of all, explain to you the difference between Bad salesmen and good salesmen

1  A salesman just doing work because it’s a job and they are not passionate about your work and it does work only for salary. They always fear of rejection does not give complete efforts

Bad Sales Men

2 A Bad salesmen talk more and more and don’t listen to customers. All known that sale is a communication process involved a full explanation of products but salesmen need to understand and listen carefully customers needs.

3 The most important things in the presentation that customer first see is a good personality of the sale person like a neat and clean shirt or pant, clean shoes, belt in case your pant to fall low.


Good Sales Men

1) Good salesmen have a charming personality and its ability to easily impress anyone with good communication skills.

2) Good salesmen always carry a smiling face and talk politely with customers.

3) Good salesmen are passionate about work and always ready for achieving the target.

4) A good salesman is a problem solver of his customer and provides full information about products and services.


After understanding the difference between good and bad salesmen so I have told you some Sales Tips

The most important things you have proper knowledge of products for a better description of its products which help customer to understand your product features.

Tell truth to explain products features and which have actually your company provided. This method gives a positive impression in front of customers.

You need to establish a friendly relation to customers these prospects help you to increase sales.

Biggest mistakes do by salesmen they are a target to everyone, don’t target everyone. First of all, identify your customers

Don’t be upset of some rejection motivate yourself and give the best performance.

Show your past customers feedback which is also satisfied your company products and services this method helps you to increase present customers.

You need to understand the mindset of buyers if you know how a buyer thinks. You can easily convince your customers

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