A private limited company is a legal entity approved by the government of India incorporated under companies act. This is the most trustworthy business model as compared to others like Sole Proprietorship,  Partnership, etc,                          

Private limited  organization is the most popular  corporate element among small ,medium and large business . most of the entrepreneurs prefer to registered your company as a private limited company due to various benefits –

  • Ideal for startups and growing business.
  • The liability of each members or shareholders is limited
  • Easy transability of shares
  • There is a wide scope of expansion of business because it is easy to raise funds from the investor
  • Separate legal entity
  • Tax advantages
  • Banks easily approved loans to private limited company
  • Easily formed international reputation

Documents required for the Registration of the private restricted organization


Passport size photograph

PAN card copy

Proof of identity (Passport, Aadhar card , Driving license , VOoter id card, )

Bank statement

Electricity bill

Telephone number

Mobile number

Office property ownership / rental documents

Address proof of registered office premises

Steps for registration of private limited company


      First Step – Apply For Digital signature certificate

                               The initial step is to begin the enrollment is to executive'( Digital Signature Certificate). It is an electronic signature which will be used to sign the E- form , income tax return , etc . A persone sign a documents on a computer.

 Second Step – Director Identification Number

                                         It is numerical digital number issued by the government. DIN is a unique code which has life time valid.

      Documents required for DIN registration     

                                  PAN card

                                  Aadhar card

                                  Electricity bill

                                  Bank statement

Third Step – Apply for name approval

                            After getting the digital signature and DIN we have to fill form for company name approval. The name should be unique and not similar to any company.

                                    The application can place maximum 6 choice for approval of name.

The fourth step – Drafting of Memorandum of association (MOA) and Article of association (AOA), filling and uploading of incorporation forms.

                     After the name approval the next step is to prepare some documents like MOA, AOA, Declaration, affidavits, formats of the some has been prescribed by the MCA.

        Fifth step – Getting incorporation

                                    On the successful submission of documents, the ROC may issue certificates of incorporation to company. The company is incorporated on the date of issuance of certificate of incorporation.

The entire procedure including the endorsement of DIN, Name, and Incorporation takes around 7 working days.

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